Kimberley Laws

Freelance Writer and Editor

Kimberley Laws

Freelance Writer and Editor


Glowing Reviews

STEPhen Jeske, Senior Content Strategist, Marketmuse

 Kimberley was great to work with during our time together at Media Shower. She has wonderful communication skills and is a very proficient writer who always meets her deadlines. I very much appreciate both her dependability and flexibility. Working remotely on my team, she always produced outstanding work with minimal direction required.

John Hargrave, CEO Media Shower, Inc.


I looked up the word “awesome” in my dictionary last week, and there was a picture of Kimberley Laws. She brings excellent writing and solid reliability to every piece she works on. She personifies awesome, so it’s good to see the dictionary guys finally recognize that. 

Peter Lapinskie, Managing Editor, The Daily Observer


Any writer worth their salt has to be passionate about their craft, and Kim definitely is a winsome wordsmith who wields a wonderful wit within a vibrant vocabulary. She is a joy to have on the Daily Observer’s Community Editorial Board, and she has helped us on special projects when asked. 

In short, a real talent with a work ethic too rare nowadays. 

Marjorie Jennings, Editor, AGO Fellowship Call

 Thank you so much, Kimberley, for the wonderful submissions you have been making to our monthly newsletter. With each paragraph so clearly and descriptively written, I can just picture the event and almost feel as if I had been there. You have the most wonderful way of making even the most casual happening meaningful and full of life. 

I’m eagerly looking forward to your next submission, knowing it will be full of interesting facts and ideas, all written in your engaging style.

Author Jodi Ambrose

If it is excellent graphics art work that you need, look no further. Kimberley Laws is an amazing artist, whose work is not only exemplary, but fast. She quickly, professionally, and beautifully created Sparky the Dragon for my upcoming cookbook with very little direction from me, and came up with the perfect graphic on the first try. 

I was delighted to find someone who truly listens to her client’s needs and delivers top notch work. I plan on utilizing Kimberley’s incredible talent every time I need graphics as I’ve never found anyone so dedicated and easy to work with. 

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