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Nestled among New York City’s shining towers and cherished historical landmarks lies a mysterious red-bricked giant that has been home to several of the city’s most well-known residents. Within the Chelsea Hotel’s art-bedecked walls, geniuses have created masterpieces, the lustful have entered into trysts, and the downcast have self-destructed. This building has seen it all.  

Add SPace to your life


It’s almost time for work and you don’t have a clue what to wear. You’ve plowed through heaps of sweaters, knocked several blouses off their hangers, and have a pile of pants accumulating on your bed. And the clock is ticking.

We’ve all been there—buried in a monstrous mountain of clothing...



 The great thing about creating an alien is that no one has a clue as to what one actually looks like – except, perhaps, for a few Government employees in the Nevada Desert, but that’s a whole other story. For the most part, writers and animators have the pleasure of starting with a blank slate. 

Social Hospitality



Entering your local Starbucks is much like crossing the mighty threshold of the pantheon to the coffee gods. And, inside this world wonder, lurks the famed barista–a highly skilled maven of java who, at a feverish pace, manages to transform the mere coffee bean into a glorious grande of Utopian nectar...

All Women's Talk


 If you have wandered down the pasta aisle at your local grocery store lately, you have likely noticed some significant changes. White noodles are having to give up some of their "elbow" room--sorry for the pun--to make way for the healthier varieties that our nutrition-conscious society demands...

The Embiggens Project


I possess a very keen sense of smell, but there is something that I have always wondered, but been afraid to ask.  Do nostrils smell?  Of course, I know that nostrils are capable of enabling us to sense a smell.  What I am asking is “do nostrils, themselves, actually emit an odour?”    

Imperfect women


 It isn’t easy being born during the Christmas season. Your favorite days of the year all come at once, rendering the other eleven months a celebration drought, bereft of presents. Everyone is too busy to remember your special day, let alone take time out to commemorate it...

Live Lighter


 Does your tight grocery budget have you filling up your cart with white bread, Spam, and Hamburger Helper? While these options may be easy on your debit card, they are likely wreaking havoc on your health. There is a way to fill your fridge with nutritional foods without emptying your bank account...

How do you


Working from home sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? No more cramped cubicles, crappy commutes, or uncomfortable office attire. You can clock in and out as you please. And you no longer have to put up with that weird guy in accounting and his rancid-smelling lunches. Yup, you can make your own hours, stay in your comfiest pajamas, and the only odors you need to withstand are your own...

Spotlight Ottawa


Meet Brant Pethick—an Ottawa born and bred musician with a flair for inspirational lyrics, a guitar-driven sound, and catchy melodies that you’ll find yourself humming hours later...

Just Luxe


 If you long to be at one with nature, but don't wish to sacrifice the first class amenities of the civilized world, a luxury fly fishing vacation in Canada's north may be your ideal getaway...

LuXy Hair


 There are some rites of passage that are unavoidable—the first time someone calls you "Ma'am" instead of "Miss," the realization that sitting on the floor is no longer a comfortable option, and that moment when you discover that your gray hairs are starting to outnumber their non-gray brethren...

VI Performance


 1937 seems like a long time ago--seven and a half decades to be exact. After that long on earth, most of us start to show signs of wear and tear... 

QR Code Press


Stone tablets, cave drawings, and ancient scrolls are all we have left of many of the civilizations that came before us.  Through these rudimentary mediums, our ancestors are able to speak directly to us–sharing their knowledge, their values, and details about their everyday lives. But not all tablets, pictographs, and scrolls survived. And each one that has been lost equates to information that we will never know... 

Andy Sowards


 You announce your plans to become a web designer, expecting a barrage of congratulatory back patting, bear hugging, and reassurances that you are going to be the best in the business. Instead, your announcement sparks a cartoon-like silence—with cricket noises and all—followed by spirit-dampening advice like “make sure you have something to fall back on...” 

hydrogen Fuel news


What if your roof could do more than just protect you from precipitation, strange insects, and mammalian invaders? What if it could actually earn you money? Thanks to the increasingly popular solar-powered shingle, you can watch your electricity bill shrink and your bank account balance blossom... 

Branding Bees


If shag carpeting, Spirograph, and Farrah Fawcett’s feathery hairdo played a role in your childhood, you likely also encountered a Stretch Armstrong or two. Yes, nothing proved more enjoyable than grabbing an arm belonging to this gel-filled, muscle-bound action figure with perpetually clenched fists and pulling with all your might. While his severely stretched arms gave 1970s’ youths something to laugh at, Stretch Armstrong, himself, likely loathed being pulled in two directions. The victim of a human tug-of-war..

Propel Business Works


 “I aspire to work for a mediocre company where I can, at the very least, tolerate my job.” Very few people actually start out their careers with this goal in mind, but many wind up doing exactly that–enduring day after day of dissatisfying drudgery for an employer that they feel no connection with or loyalty to. But things are changing. Today’s increasingly skilled workforce is no longer satisfied with job security and a paycheck. They want more from their careers. And much more from their employers...